You can access product screen to check all collected tracking data in details. 

Simply click on product name in the grid, and you will be navigated to product details screen.

This screen allows checking both current and historical data.

You can click on product name to open product page on

You can switch between different periods using a menu on the upper right. By default is set to display full data for all tracking period.

Product details screen contains several informational blocks.

General product information - contains generic product info regarding its ASIN, current Rank, Brand, Category, etc.

Sellers distribution block allows you to understand how many sellers are competing withing this ASIN and who is usually holding a BuyBox.

The analytical block provides you analytical information and allows to enter your cost to define your personal breakeven price. Also, analytical block provides with estimation for such values as sales, revenue, and profit (based on your cost).

Scroll down to see three graphs with allow you to work with historical data collected during the tracking. 

Use controls on the bottom of the graph in order to zoom in\out on the graph