To setup your AZ Imperative Gizmo account you need complete four simple steps:

1) Verify that you have Amazon Professional Account

If YES press NEXT button.

If NO, check our help materials to know how to create one in just a few minutes.

2) Verify that you have Amazon MWS Account.

If YES press NEXT button

If NO, check our help materials about how you can generate MWS account.

3) Configure your AZ Imperative Gizmo with MWS keys or Token.

You can switch between MWS Key and Token using a trigger.

Make sure you click on the check button to save every parameter.

When all fields are filled in, press Test MWS Account 

If MWS account was validated successfully, press NEXT button.

4) Last steps allow you to make changes to your profile and upload the picture. Press Start Tracking when done.

If you have any questions or need assistance during a setup you can always start chat with our support team. Just click on the chat button in the bottom-right corner.