If you see the error message "This item is already being downloaded and added into Chrome" when trying to install AZ Opportunity Gizmo, this is a known issue with Chrome. It can affect any extension, not just AZ Opportunity Gizmo.

Here's how to work around it:

  1. Type chrome://flags in the address bar. Find the text Enable Enhanced Bookmarks and select Enabled in the list below.
  2. Click Relaunch Now.
  3. You should now be able to install AZ OpportunityGizmo. Use link from Welcome email or let us know if it needs to be sent again
  4. After AZ Opportunity Gizmo is installed, put things back the way they were. In chrome://flags, select Default under Enable Enhanced Bookmarks and click Relaunch Now.

If these instructions will not help or you are not sure about how to do that, start a chat in the bottom-right corner of azgizmo.com site and we will be able to connect to your computer and fix the issue for you.