AZ Opportunity Gizmo can be configured to use Amazon MWS account which results in a more accurate data output.

In some cases data values retrieved by AZ Opportunity Gizmo may differ from what you see on Amazon when logged in under your credentials. That’s why we have implemented an ability for AZ Opportunity Gizmo to get the most accurate data by giving an option for a user to specify his/her MWS credentials.

That being said, AZ Opportunity Gizmo still can and is used by numerous sellers without providing MWS credentials - it is not a mandatory requirement to benefit from the service.

Whether you link your MWS account with AZ Opportunity Gizmo or enjoy the service anonymously, AZ Opportunity Gizmo extension does not store, transmit or share any of your data (including MWS credentials). It is stored locally on your personal computer(s) you use with AZ Opportunity Gizmo plugin.