Opportunity Gizmo is a tool that allows to identify, analyse and track ranks, prices and determine profitability of the products on Amazon.com marketplace.


Opportunity Gizmo is designed as a Google Chrome Extension and currently works with US and CA Amazon markets only.



Opportunity Gizmo extension can be activated via Google Chrome settings in Extensions section.


In case Opportunity Gizmo is not available in extensions list please check Installation Guide to download and install Opportunity Gizmo.




AZ Opportunity Gizmo Panel

When navigating to http://www.amazon.com/ Opportunity Gizmo panel gets activated. It is visible at the top of the screen.


Panel contain following elements




  • Logo. If clicked, navigates directly to azgizmo.com site


  • Scans amazon pages for products and transfers all collected information to product manager


  • Indicates number of products scanned and added to the product manager. On click opens window with product manager.


  • Clears all products in product manager



  • Mobile app links, where you can download AZ Mobile app for your device


  • Opens settings screen to configure Opportunity Gizmo


  • Navigates to Opportunity Gizmo help center, where you can browse our knowledge base


  • Minimizes AZ Opportunity Gizmo Panel

  • Returns panel from minimized state


Settings screen allows user to change plugin configuration to fine-tune scanning process for each individual user according to his/her preferences.


Settings screen contains four main configurational blocks:


Scan configurations

 This block allows to tweak application in a way that scan will return results that user is looking for. User can include or remove from the scan additional product items like related or similar in order to scan for particular product name. Include everything to the search by clicking on SELECT all button and extension will analyse the whole market of particular item.


MWS account settings


Link your AZ Gizmo with MWS account to get exact FBA fee calculation, exact product weight and dimensions.

Scan timeouts configuration

Allows to set scan time: either scan all products or consider other options for limited or slow connections.

Product manager column configuration

Allows to choose which columns and data is displayed on Product Manager screen.


Click SAVE button in order to apply changes.


Product manager

Opportunity Gizmo manager screen consists of 3 major parts:

  • Panel

  • Filters

  • Product list 


Top panel contains several control buttons.



  • Logo. If clicked, navigates directly to azgizmo.com site



  • Clears all products in product manager


  • Export all collected data to .xls file


  • Transfers selected products for tracking to AZ Imperative Gizmo


  • Navigates user to FBA calculator page


  • Opens settings screen


  • Opens AZ Opportunity Gizmo help center


  • Minimizes panel

Quick filter makes research much more comfortable.



Product list screen contains all the data available for identified products during the scan.



Scan Configurations

Before we start looking up products to proceed with the scan let's review available scan settings. This feature allows to specify what will be the depth of the scan and what items are supposed to be identified.


Click on settings button on Opportunity Gizmo panel. This will open setting screen in a new tab of Google Chrome.


Scan settings are located on the left part of the settings screen.


Here you can see check boxes that can be activated\deactivated all together using SELECT ALL and UNSELECT ALL buttons  or individually by clicking on the box to the left from the setting name.


These settings can affect your scan result dramatically. For example scanning a search result for “IPhone” having all settings checked will first of all take much longer to complete and as a result, will generate a huge list of the identified and similar items including cases, etc.


On the other hand, scanning with all setting off will result in a shorter list of identified items with no related or similar products included.


Make sure you click SAVE button after making any changes on Opportunity Gizmo settings screen.

Product scan

Opportunity Gizmo scan can be performed on 2 types of pages:

  • Amazon Product page

  • Amazon search result page

Scan of the Amazon product page

Simply navigate to any product page. When the product page is opened hit Scan for products.


System will analyse current product name, code, category and other parameters.  In addition depending on the settings, system will scan related, similar, frequently bought together and other products.


Depending on item chosen and extension settings, it may take from few seconds up to several minutes to perform a scan.


After the scan is completed product list indicator will display a number of identified items in the list.


Scan of the Amazon search results page

Enter search query in Amazon search and click on magnifying glass in order to navigate to search results. It is clear that search result will return pretty much a big amount of items that correlate with the search inquiry. In order to narrow down number of  scanned products use search filters on the left panel of amazon page.


Hit scan for products when ready.



After the scan is completed please draw your attention to the right-upper corner of every SKU in search result page. Each SKU will contain a small icon in the corner. Roll your mouse over the icon and Opportunity Gizmo will provide you with the additional information about the product right away.



NOTE: Running one scan after another will be adding product SKUs to the same list. If they need to be kept separate export identified items list after the scan into excel, clear  Opportunity Gizmo Results Screen, and then perform next scan (see next chapter for details).


Working in Product Manager

When scan is completed click on the product list indicator on Opportunity Gizmo panel. This will open Opportunity Gizmo Manager in a new tab.


All products that were identified during the scan are visible on products screen.


There are multiple actions allowed with the data and the list itself.


System displays 10 rows at a time by default. This can be changed using drop down menu in the left-upper corner of the screen.


You can change columns order simply drag and dropping column header from one place to another.


In addition you can sort and filter data.


To sort data simply click on column header and it will arrange data by ascending and click once again to rearrange data by descending


To filter data use Filter panel.


Values in TITLE and BRAND columns are hyperlinks. System opens corresponding amazon page if clicked on the value in cell.


Click on  button to expand Product information. It will provide you with additional data and analytics related to this product item:


When you have finished working with current product list it can be exported to excel file for further operations.


You can also send selected products from the list to Imperative Gizmo (Amazon Product Tracker) to start collecting live data on products’ change in pricing, rank and sellers over time. 


Before you start generating new list of the product to analyse, make sure that you have cleared list from the previous scans.


Just click on CLEAR LIST and data will be erased.


Now you are ready for next scans.


FBA Calculator

This is a must have tool for any seller on Amazon.com.


FBA calculator provides you with Amazon FBA fee. FBA fee is calculated based on the formula and takes into account different product parameters. It is 99% accurate to whatever Amazon will charge.