Q: How much does it cost to use AZ Gizmo?

A: Opportunity Gizmo, an extension for Google Chrome browser, costs $49.99 as one-time payment with the 7 days of free trial. You can skip the trial period and process payment with $10 discount. Check our Pricing Page for more info on products' prices and features.

Q: Cannot see AZ Gizmo panel! Extension was installed for sure. What is wrong?

A: Try closing and opening the browser. Make sure you are installing extension to original Google Chrome browser.

Q: Why no products were identified after I click Scan for products button?

A: Products scan works only on 2 types of pages: search results page, and product page. If you are located on any other amazon.com page products will not be scanned.

Q: Why scan for products takes a long time?

A: Scanning time depends on search parameters specified in settings section of Opportunity Gizmo. For example scanning a search result for “IPhone” having all settings checked will first of all take much longer to complete and as a result, will generate a gigantic list of the identified items. On other hand, scan with all setting off will result in a shorter list of identified items with no related or similar products included, but will take shorter time.

Q: Why products from previous scan still appear in identified list though other scan has already been performed?

A: For convenience Opportunity Gizmo saves previously scanned results in the manager section. If you wish to delete previous results, please click on Clear List button in the Manager section.

Q: Will Opportunity Gizmo work in Firefox\Safari\Internet Explorer?

A: No, extension will only work with Google Chrome browser.

Q: Why FBA calculator returned slightly different fee value than Amazon?

A: Make sure to link your MWS account in the settings section of Opportunity Gizmo. With it linked you will get 99% accurate results.

Q: How to remove column that I do not need from the product list?

A: In the top right corner of scanned results page click on Columns and remove any column you do not want to see.

Q: What login credentials should I use in settings screen?

A: Use your Amazon Marketplace Web Service account (MWS).

Q: If I accidently run same scan twice, will it duplicate items in product list?

A: No, Opportunity Gizmo will not duplicate products.

Q: How many copies of Opportunity Gizmo can I install?

A: You are not limited to any number of copies of Opportunity Gizmo.

Q: Will Opportunity Gizmo work with Ebay or other services?

A: Currently OpportunityGizmo works with Amazon US and Canada markets only.